Recently Samsung unveiled an upgraded LTE-A version of the Galaxy S5 in it’s home country with some seriously improved specs.It is now turning out of the device with a slight redesign as well. South Korean carrier KT Telecom is apparently offering a diamond-patterned back panel for the Galaxy S5 variant.

 Analysing the images we  can definitely see the new case is a step up from the spotty plastic Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S5, though it presumably still offers the same easy-to-grip texture. Moreover, the KT’s version of the S5 LTE-A offers some of the best specifications featuring a 5.1-inch quad HD display, 3GB of RAM powered by Snapdragon 805 processor, a 16-megapixel rear camera and a 2800mAh battery.


Unfortunately the Galaxy S5 LTE-A is right now available only in South Korea. Moreover it is still possible to get your hands on one through the grey market with a hyped price tag. We can find various rear cover replacements Galaxy S5 online, with most dont offer the rubber lining making the device water-resistant.

We are also hopeful about Galaxy S5 LTE-A releasing in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Samsung is rumored to launch a premium metallic Galaxy F smartphone sometime this year. and the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 is also expected to feature some high-end specifications. So hopefully, it won’t be a long wait before we see the Koreans giants launching a Quad HD smartphone for the rest of the world to buy.