The Google Play Edition of the recently launched Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 has been quite under talks and the device is yet to materialize. However, the device has made its appearance on Evleaks with an image that shows the GPE of the Galaxy S5. The handset has already undergone Bluetooth certification making an appearance on the Google Play Store a few months back. This means that the handset still exists but we are yet to know the official release date for the device.

Well, with the announcement of the Galaxy S5 mini version that comes with fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor just like its parent flagship, it would be interesting to see whether the GPE of Galaxy S5 hosts similar features or not. The GPE Galaxy S5 is believed to run stock version of Android without the skinning of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. So it can be assumed that Samsung could bring these features to the device via a dedicated app on the Play Store. We will bring you with more details as things get official.