As the launch date of Samsung’s upcoming phablet Galaxy Note 5 draws near, more and more renders and cases are surfacing. Just a few days back we saw some amazing case renders of the handset from the casemaker Verus. We now have some more gorgeous renderings of the Galaxy Note 5 and its cases by Ringke.

Another casemaker Rearth, who makes Ringke brand of phone cases and protectors has posted some renders and cases for the Note 5 on Amazon. These renderings look quite realistic, probably created on the basis of dimensions and drawings they might have got their hands on. The renders present some new information about the S Pen Stylus that will come with the device. Up till now, Samsung devices offered a Stylus that could be removed manually from its slot. New Ringke renders show that the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 handset may possibly have a Stylus with an auto-eject feature.


Some time back, Samsung had filed a patent for an auto-ejecting Stylus with the USPTO and it has also filed another patent recently for a new feature “write on PDF” that will allow you to write on a PDF document with the Stylus and save it as well. It seems that we may see these features in the new Note 5.

In the renders, the S Pen can be seen flush with the side surface of the handset and no way of pulling it out manually. This leads to speculation that the Stylus may have an auto-eject mechanism. However, it should be kept in mind that the renders may not be totally accurate and these features may or may not be present in the actual device when it is launched.

But the interesting fact is that the Ringke cases for the Galaxy Note 5 are up for pre-order on Amazon site at a huge discount, to be “in Stock” on October 30, 2015 with an estimated delivery date of November 2 – 4!

Note-5-renders-with-S-Pen-stylus-1 Note-5-renders-with-S-Pen-stylus-2 Note-5-renders-with-S-Pen-stylus-3 Note-5-renders-with-S-Pen-stylus-4 Note-5-renders-with-S-Pen-stylus-5 Note-5-renders-with-S-Pen-stylus-6 Note-5-renders-with-S-Pen-stylus-7 Note-5-renders-with-S-Pen-stylus-8