Samsung is rolling out an update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 meant to merge features contained only on the Galaxy S5. This will see the Note 3 receive the Download Booster and the KNOX 2.0.


The Download Booster’s main functionality is as denoted by its name. Users will now be able to download huge files faster. The software brings together the cellular connectivity; in this case 4G, and the Wi-Fi connectivity into one then forces downloads to be completed faster. Huge downloads will be quickened by two different Internet connectivity’s that pole for the same data and make sure time is used efficiently.

The other feature being brought into the Note 3 is the KNOX 2.0. This is a platform developed by Samsung that allows for secure enterprise mobile technology. This will of big interest to companies that invest in buying phones for their staff. Workers will now be able to bring their own devices to work without the worry of leaking company sensitive information to external sources. This software is created to make sure security of data in all applications through all levels of communication.

The Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 3 will now be the carriers of this two software’s. Future releases from Samsung are however expected to join this technology. The new firmware update for the Note 3 is being pushed over the air as an update. The UK has already received the update. Further regions are expected to get the update soon as it is carried out in a gradual process.