With a lot of new gadgets launched in a year, it is possible for a person to carry multiple gadgets at the same time. For example, a person might be carrying an iPhone, iPad, Battery Charger, Earphone, Bluetooth Earpiece at the same time and he would need a bag to carry them at the same time. He would need a Baggizmo.

Baggizmo comes with a lot of small compartments which promises to be smart for the user. Each of the compartments is connected to a well hidden cable passages. On the top of the bag, there is a headphone cable exit while in the bag strap there is a small pocket to put your small headphones. The bag looks like a messenger bag with the center of the gravity is in the middle of your torso therefore, it might feel a little bit lighter to carry all those gadgets when you are walking or cycling or when you are wearing suit or casual attire.

For early Kickstarter, Baggizmo is priced at $85 while for full price, it is about $130. The bag comes with premium materials such as water repellent and abrasion-resistant textile. The project is founded by Ladislav Juric from Croatia. The funding goal is for $35,000 with about 20 days more to go. If it hits $20,000, the founder promises to add an NFC tag in the top of front pocket.