Japan based smartphone manufacturer- Freetel, has announced the country’s first Windows 10 Mobile handsets called as the Katana 01 and the Katana 02. Both the handsets come with the mid-range hardware configuration and fall in the affordable pricing segment. Let’s us take a look at the specs for the device.

The Freetel Katana 01 has got a 4.5inch display with 480 x 854 resolution powered with a quad-core chipset and has a LTE connectivity on-board along with front and rear facing cameras and battery capacity of 1700mAh.

The Katana 02 is a larger model than the Katana 01 which comes with a 5inch display and 720 x 1280 pixel resolution and a quad-core chipset to its core.  Similarly, this model too has a LTE connectivity, with front and rear cameras and a bigger 2600mAh of battery life.

As soon as Microsoft releases the Windows 10 Mobile, expected to come this September, the company will soon release the two handsets. The Katana 01 is priced at just $160 while the Katana 02 is priced for $240.


source: Freetel