Foxconn, one of the largest suppliers of Apple is planning to invest $2.6 billion for a new plant display for iPhone. The display panels will be made exclusively for Apple in order to make it really nice and attractive.

Cupertino has requested to do so because a larger demand for iPhone smartphones will be raised soon for the upcoming versions. The largest LCD display manufacturer in Taiwan, Innolux Corp. will built the new iPhone plant.

Foxconn Forced to invest $2.6 billion for new iPhone Plant because of Demand

Foxconn is the owner of the company and provide jobs to 2,300 people for building the new plants. The plant will be ready by end of the 2015 and the company has already started to build the new plan. Innolux has made the 4.7-inch LCD display of iPhone 6 that lead them to a new project. The new plant for Apple’s iPhone display will be in Kaohsiung Science park camps, Taiwan.3

The latest report regarding the iPhone 6 demand among all other smartphones, Apple has decided to increase the supply to the market. Therefore, Cupertino has requested to the largest supplier n order to increase the production of it and rumor shows Foxconn is going to have more than 20% than as usual for the investment.