FLUX: All in One Modular 3D Printer

With the popularity of the 3D printers on the rise, it is common to see new models arriving in the market that are both reliable and inexpensive. People have made good use of the printers at their homes and offices; they use them with their imagination to create various things.

FLUX is a similar 3D printer but it comes with many other features. It is a modular device that can do 3D scanning, laser engraving and other things along with 3D printing.

FLUX can be used for printing all sorts of 3D models. It can be used like a regular 3D printer along with it extensions which include ceramics extrude and pastry extruder to print food. It is light weighted and comes with laser engraver which can be used to engrave plastic, wood, food, etc.

Flux can also be used for 3D scanning with the scanner at its base. Users can scan any small model to get its blueprint then use the printer to copy the same model.

The 3D printer can be controlled via Smartphone or Tablet through Bluetooth connectivity. An app for the 3D printer is also in developing stage which will let the users to use their Smartphones to create their own 3D models with ease, which can then be printed later.

The FLUX can be pre-ordered through company’s website or at Kickstarter. Early birds can get it for $499 (saving $100). By comparing the FLUX with other devices that have similar features, almost $1500 can be saved by ordering it.