Apple’s continuity is one of the popular features starting from OS X. It is a cool feature as it allows you to pick up from where you left off.  Therefore, for example, if you are doing your presentation using your office’s Macbook and when you are back at home, you can continue doing your presentation using your home’s Macbook. Microsoft is also planning to do something like Apple’s continuity concept starting from Windows 10 but it is going to release next year.

Recently Samsung has just announced an invitation of FLOW. Samsung Flow is a platform which enables developers to create smooth transitions across devices. It offers the flexibility whereby the users can continue whatever they are doing regardless they are switching across devices or not. This will include Samsung phone to its tablets, computers or even TVs and wearables like Gear smartwatch line.

Flow works based on three pillar features – Transfer, Defer and Notify. Transfer is a feature whereby you can start an activity using a device and when you move to another device, you do not need to start from scratch again. For example, you can find a restaurant on your phone and you can transfer that information to your Gear S to navigate on the go.

Defer is a feature whereby if you do not have the perfect device at the moment to do an activity, you can delay doing that activity for awhile until you have the perfect device for it. For example, you might want to skim a presentation on your phone over coffee but wait until you get to work before you edit your presentation. While notify is a feature whereby you can track the information that you have such as alerts, updates, and more. For example, when your phone charges in the kitchen you can keep track of an incoming phone call in the living room by using your tablet.