Well, everyone was clueless and bemused when developer of the Flappy Bird pulled off the game from playstore about two months ago for a reason which was somehow true in its context that it is addictive. But the developer was supposed toget the game back on the table which we didn’t fairly know when. We have news for the same that creator Dong Nguyen has declared that a newest version of the trendy game will be doing a comeback in August to all the accepted app hubs. He mentions that the latest game will focus on multiplayer game-play and will aim be less addictive.

We still have no clue from anywhere about how different this one will be, but it’s definitely going to be exciting, as this Flappy Bird version is claimed to be less addictive. While its graphics has been under the question, this time the game might receive a better visual touch as well, keeping aside that pixelated retro-type look.

Speaking of competition, Rovio just launched its own follow-on called Retry,it will be quite a game to win the hearts for the updated Flappy Bird.