has just entered in to the Microsoft Windows Smartphones but the first image is leaked in the online websites. However, the two new partners has confirmed of the leaked of the new first windows phone picture of Prestigio Smartphone of the brand. But, the name of the Smartphone of Prestigio is one of the worst and slightly consumed for kitchen appliance. MultiPhone PAP5507 is the name of the upcoming Windows Phone of Prestigio.

The leaked images indicates the device will be attractive with the rear panel what is covered with leather just like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 along with chrome logo, flash unit with a top center camera feature. However, the front panel of it does not look attractive while the phone looks enough slim.

First Windows Phone Picture Leaked of Prestigio 2

The screen resolution may have 720p with 8 mega pixels camera probably with a secondary camera. However, this is confirmed that this will be a Windows phone powering by 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor.

Prestigio and Micromax mobile company has added to the Microsoft to produce Windows 8 Smartphones in April during the Windows 8.1 launch event. However, you may not know or hear the name of the Prestigio mobile brand yet but the people of UK, and Europe and Middle East know the brand name and Smartphones very well. Moreover, Prestigio phones are not allowed to sales outlets in America.