Tizen as an OS had quite an uneven journey. If we go by various reports we had earlier, Samsung was, at first, planning on launching the first Tizen powered smart-phone in August or September 2013. But ,due to unknown reasons (As rumour has it had to do with the rivalry between Intel and Qualcomm) the release date has been called  off, even letting some analysts to confidently declare that Tizen doesn’t exist anymore.


But, as it looks like the platform is alive again. From the last month’s glance of Tizen’s refreshed Obsidian UI to current Samsung’s senior VP’s declaration that the first Tizen-run smart-phone will be launched towards the end of Quater-2.

According to a Tizen-centred blog , the first Tizen supported smart-phone will be launched in Russia by next month. As per the Samsung official, the smart-phone will certainly be a high-end device, somehow equivalent to last year’s Samsung Galaxy S4.

But questioning starts with the location of launch which is Russia. As noted in interview with Reuters, Samsung’s senior VP hinted that the manufacturer will launch its Tizen smarth-phones “in a few countries where we can do well“, so Russia ,where Samsung’s Bada OS, which has been folded into Tizen, has done pretty good, looks undeniably like an ideal place to start. From the sources, the roll-out will then continue with Brazil and other developing countries.