The biggest tournament watched worldwide is set to begin on the 12th of June 2014. What could be more spectacular than to create unforeseen opportunities and give special memories during such an anticipated event? For this reason, the world of soccer will be initialized by a paralyzed teen that will have the chance of kicking the Brazuca; the ball to be used for the FIFA world cup 2014.

This would seem like a totally awesome idea to give someone such a great opportunity but what has been implemented behind the scenes to actualize this. The Brazilian teenager will be fitted with a motorized exoskeleton for balance purposes as well as a special helmet designed with utmost protection considerations in place. For the movie enthusiasts, this will be the football version of Robocop. Neural signals are going to control the robot thus enabling the teen to take the historic kick.


This project was first discussed in January 2014 in readiness for the event. The announcement was made at the Duke University as the Walk Again Project Several teams were put together to come up with the gear and this revelation is expected to come to pass during the launch of the event.

The project has been a collaboration of all teams put together as well as the teen destined to take the kick. This has been done for training purposes. The teen has to be comfortable enough in making use of the artificial gear both in walking and maintaining body balance.