The first modular smartphone concept from Google  – the Project Ara is said to official at the MWC 2015 expo next month. The modular smartphone will have different independent modules for chipset, battery, display and other components. Japanese giant Toshiba is assigned the task for designing camera modules. The company has now arrived with the first break through in this!

Toshiba has recently showcased three camera parts for the Project Ara that includes two rear positioned cameras – a 5MP and other with 13MP resolution and a front facing selfie snapper of 2MP. The sensor for 2MP is of 1.4 um in size whereas for the other two it is 1.12 um in size.


These parts are now said to undergo mass production and are said to be widely available by next year based on Toshiba’s three year development plans. The Project Ara handsets that would be announced officially this year will also start expanding by next year. Hence Toshiba’s plans seem to be very much in line with that of Google.

Check out the video below that demonstrates a working camera module.

source: Image Sensors World

via: PhoneArena