The first self-driving semi-truck, Freightliner Inspiration Truck, manufactured by German automaker Daimler, arrived in Nevada, atop the curved concrete edge of Hoover Dam. It will be the first autonomous truck in the world. The vehicle was built based on Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 which drove on the autobahn last year and it has covered more than 10,000 autonomous miles, according to Daimler.

Furthermore, Daimler also mentioned that it is incorrect to refer the autonomous semi-truck as driverless truck in terms of on-highway commercial trucks. The human driver is still present inside the truck and he or she requires having a qualified commercial driver’s license in the cab and on the gauges. The human driver is required to take over when the self-driving truck technology cannot do make it on its own, like during occasion when it needs to pass or change lanes or bad weather.

After study by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2012, the result is that about 333,000 large trucks were involved in traffic crashes in the U.S itself. It is supported by a study on Drowsy Driving by Harvard School of Medicine in 2009 which concluded that truck drivers often suffered from chronically sleep deprived. As a result in 2014, the trucking industry has about 35,000 driver positions vacant.

Currently the Daimler’s autonomous truck is only licensed in one state which is Nevada, which means it is only allow transporting goods within the state.