Mozilla Firefox first release a Smartphone with Firefox OS version 1.3 that gives new features both for developers and users. ZTE Open C is the first Smartphone that contains the Firefox OS Version 1.3 that is available on eBay.

ZTE Open C Firefox OS 1.3 will offer you dual-SIM dual-Standby service to the users where you can have different SIM to call, send messages, data by selecting a SIM from “SIM Manager.”

Firefox OS version 1.3 also adds extra feature to the camera section with continuous autofocus with flash light. Moreover, the gallery option also rearranges you pictures by weekly, monthly as well as data type.

Mozilla also develops the section of music by taking the music control options in the notifications stray and home screen. No need to connect with headphone in order to play FM Radio app as well!


This OS will also rearrange your apps according to the group like social, music, games and others as well as find more apps in the Firefox Marketplace too!

Automatic switch to SMS to MMS has given you a sharp confident and boost speed when you add a picture to the message. With receive delivery notifications and drafts option; you will have no problem to get acknowledge of it. Moreover, MMS messages can be sent to any email address if you want with notification.

WebGL, WebAudio and asm.fs are some of the features that have been added for the developers. WebNFC API has also been added to the developers in order to pairing and tag reading any app with NFC.

Gecko 28 is the basement of the release with many new WebAPIs that enhance the features. No headphone for FM radio with SpeakerManager, multiple SIM cards for WebIccManager API, audio steaming with RTSP streaming framework are some of the technologies.

However, the Firefox 2.0 will give the Smartphones new look but version 1.4 promises to include roadmap for the users too!