Google opens a new door for the hackers to find out the software bugs and turn then vendors to earn money. Google has confirmed to provide $50,000 to a Poland research team to find out the software bug in Google’s App Engine cloud.

Google has announced the largest prize as award in order to recover the bad holes in Google. Therefore, this is an open challenge for the hackers in order to be safe. Moreover, this is also a marketing and research on the Google’s software in the black market.

However, this is not the biggest award that Google announced because they have already paid $2.71828 million to the Fourth annual Pwnium contest who will successful to hack the Google Chrome.

Google has also prepared $150,000 offer to a job post that will provide the web page that helps a hacker to hack Chrome OS PC.

A hacker has also own $150,000 prize money to a hacker who have successfully hack the HD Chromebook 11.

The new startup named Bugcrowd is a good bug bounties enquiry to provide a list of the bugs of software. Moreover, Google will pay $1,000-$5,000 for per bad bug to a hacker.