One of the most awaited update one of the most loved social media sites out there has finally happened. At last, after two years or simultaneously using Valencia, X-Pro II, Early Bird, Amaro, Rise and your other favorite filters, we are getting five new photo filters on Instagram namely Slumber, Creama, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. All in all we can use 25 photo filters to enhance our photo sharing experience.

new IG photo filters2

Along with that, the app has tweaked a few things in its user interface, making editing photographs more organized. One of the changes can be seen on the app tray under the image. The photo filters are now shown in a blurry look giving you a better preview of how it will look once applied on your photo. Another would be the control on which filter to show or hide, using the Manage button, creating a more structured editing space.

Instagram version 6.4.0 for iOS is already up for grabs at the App Store while Instagram version 6.12.0 for Android can already be downloaded on Google Play Store. So, get update your Instagram app now. We are seeing this would be a hit, but we would still give you updates about it!