With the current capability of smart phones, we can do basically most of the things related to our work on it.  Therefore, it is not surprising if we have some of the sensitive data which we want to hide even when somebody takes our smart phone away. The sensitive data that we are referring to in this article such as financial documents, sales reports, archives, images, or even videos.

Now, we are able to do so by using Andrognito. Andrognito is a free app for Android which can easily store your sensitive data securely in your smart phone. It offers three layers of encryption to hide all the data in real time. The apps prompt you to enter your PIN when you open it. If you forgot the PIN, you just need to answer the security question. It is that simple! And it works fast too.

On top of that, Andrognito also resists brute-force attacks. If there are three failed logins, the apps will automatically lock it for 15 minutes. If you uninstall the apps, you will not lose the data that you keep in the apps since it has a feature named Automatic Vault Backup feature.

Andrognito can be downloaded from Google Play. You do not need to “root” your Android to install it. The first time you run the app, you will be prompted to create a username and PIN. After that, you can use it as per normal.