There are a few risks of using Uber apps on smartphones which are already known since the apps have been released a few years ago. Firstly, there is normally a doubt whether the driver of the car is a qualified driver and secondly whether whatever that is advertised on the apps is what the consumer is really getting in the reality. Not only the above two risks that a consumer faced when using Uber apps, there are a few other issues surfaced even after you used the app for a few times.

One of the scenarios that could have happen is that when you were ordering from Uber and it happened that you ordered a really expensive car in a really reasonable pricing, however, at that time; you really need to go to your destination urgently. As you were waiting, maybe there were a few empty regular taxis which you could flagged in order to reach your destination in a shorter time.

Another scenario that could have happen is that you were going out with your mother and she wanted you to buy something from the convenience store and so she parked the car at the road side. While waiting for you, a drunken man opened the back door of the car and started asking your mother to go to his destination. Your mother might be surprised of the incident and tried to drag the man out of the car. After a few moments, the drunken man said that he was just trying to find his Uber driver.

These are a few scenarios which could have happened from the Uber effect.  If you have one, please share with us by leaving a comment.