The preparation of launching an Apple Watch is really impressive because of the present steps. Apple is going to launch a new watch on 14 February, 2015 and hire fashion and luxury accessories experienced staffs.
This news means, the rumor of Apple focusing on fashionable wearable instead of tech gadget was true. The price tag could be up to $5,000 for the Cupertino-designed Watch which is selling to the luxury-minded people. However, this could drop down the sales of the watches but Apple is focusing both on fashion and tech.

This could mean that Cupertinians are looking for redesign their store with the fashionable devices instead of high-tech gadgets for the market. However, if this happens, this will surely surprises the people as well as a 100% risky for the company.

We haven’t heard about the fashionable Watches of Apple but we hope to hear soon. There might be a separate section for the luxury and fashionable Apple watch in the stores to allow the people find their own.