In the annual F8 Developer Conference in San Fransisco, Facebook showed the photos of its own drone prototype which operates on solar power. The drone prototype is part of a bigger project which purpose is to bring web connectivity to billions of people worldwide without the internet.  Currently, the project which is led by Facebook,, has already bringing in free internet data to four African countries, Colombia and India.

The final design of the drone will be a V-shaped with a wingspan greater than Boeing 737 and a mass greater than a small car. On top of that it will be powered by solar panel and has the capabilities to stay at the altitudes of more than 60,000 feet for moths at a time. It will be an unmanned device. The drone has completed its first test flight in United Kingdom. When the drone flew by a location, it will beams internet access to the people on the ground.

The drone prototype goes by codename “Aquila” which is named after Greek mythology who carried Jupiter’s thunderbolts. About a year ago, Facebook announced that the company was building drones, satellites and lasers in the attempt to bring internet to everyone. On separate note, Facebook also announce that Oculus Rift, which is also owned by the company, is working on a project which could inject virtual reality gaming into the mainstream.

We cannot wait to see the end result.