Virtual Assistant feature is available in most platforms nowadays such as Microsoft with Cortana, Google Now and Apple Siri, therefore, it is not surprising if Facebook will be joining the trend soon. According to a few rumors, Facebook is currently working on a virtual assistance feature for its Facebook Messenger. It will go by the name of Moneypenny.

For some of you which have not watch “James Bond” movie before, Moneypenny is James bond’s boss and the head of MI6, the organization which James Bond’s work for. The difference of Moneypenny from other virtual assistant feature such as Cortana or Siri is that Moneypenny is designed for smaller task which is to help the users to find real people who can help with research or shopping. However, there is no further detail available until now regarding how it works or when it is going to be released.

Apparently, Facebook is not the only one who is working on virtual assistant feature for its platform. It seems like Amazon is also working on it too. The difference is that Facebook is using real people which the others is using programs to process and answer other users’ questions. On top of that it seems like Facebook is also adding a few more new features such as video chats and money transfer to its Facebook Messenger apps.

With all these features available, Facebook Messenger apps is going to be more fun to use.