Now, here’s another update about Facebook. I guess, and no one can deny, that the world is really into it. So, Josh Miller, the co-founder of Facebook, recently created a forum platform for your smartphone which you can see in the new Rooms iOS app.

First, let’s talk about why people join forums. Basically, so you can get information about a specific topic or brand, right? We have forums focusing on TV shows, on food, on cars, on dogs, and a lot more. But ever since Facebook, forums became a little forgotten. But to make up for getting all the attention, it is the very same reason forums would be re-acknowledged. I know right. You already don’t have enough time in a day to do everything you want to do with Facebook, and now this! Another thing to be busy with about Facebook.

In my subjective, this new feature stepped up the social network’s game by making it worthwhile. So, what’s good about the new Facebook Rooms app? I quote Rooms description, “Create a room for whatever you’re into.”


“Our inspiration is WordPress. It’s mainly as a platform for creating rooms like WordPress is a platform for creating blogs,” Miller advised TNW.


                                                     fbforum3     fbforum4


This iOS application does not restrict you into Facebook. You can create screen names for each room, just like how forums work. You can create more than one room and dedicate it to one topic like cars, your favorite show or even make a room only for individuals who share your way of thinking. If forum used to look plain and drab for you, well its return through Facebook Rooms app allows you set your own personal style into it. You can customize background image, image hue, change the name of the ‘Like’ button into something cooler or relevant to the niche and use emojis.