Facebook Messenger UpgradedFacebook has updated his Messenger app for all of its Android users so they can enjoy one additional special feature that wasn’t present in the app before.

Facebook messenger has now made easy to send your message to your loved ones in a video. New updated messenger allows 15 seconds of video message recording and sending. You can send the message to your friend’s list with ease as this new feature provides good time to record a video.

In addition to the new video feature, Facebook Messenger also has larger thumbs up button now. Why Facebook has increased the size of this button is not known. May be it is just an improvement to make it look good, other than that no additional purpose it features.


After the update, the version number changes to 6.0; if we see from this perspective, it seems as a big update. Above mentioned changes are the only changes that you will find after the upgrade, so don’t expect more from the app.

The update request approval will soon arrive on your android device now. But if you think it is too much late now, you can simply go to the Play Store and search for the app. Re-download it or update it to start sending 15 seconds video messages to your friends instantly.

The integration of video messaging is not the end from the company. It is expected that Facebook will soon launch a Slingshot app that will be a competition for Snapchat. Facebook accidentally published the app before time.