Facebook currently working on a new app which designed to simplify the way we share pictures to our close family and friends. The new apps will be named Moments. The new product is currently tested by Facebook employees to test on its functionality and to find bugs as well as to fix them before the apps is opened to the consumers.

The current design of the apps is rumoured to consist of grids with a few tiles, whereby each tiles represent each of the close friends or family. The users can just tap one of these tiles to quickly share with just them. The main objective for the app is to focus more on the content rather than the audiences.

Moments will let users share their pictures with using more visual design rather than tiny text-based privacy selector on the news feed composer to make the apps to appear more interactive and interesting to the users.

The apps might be useful to people who accidentally share a status to a lot of people or a few people just because they do not understand how the privacy works in Facebook, people who do not normally share often because they do not want their family and friends to know what they are thinking or doing, people who likes to switch to private messaging for more personal messaging but prefer to have more systematic style of feedback instead of messy replies and people who do not want to be embarrassed by mixing pictures that comes from their family which the users do not want their friends to know about.

The display of “Moments” will look something like below