Facebook is announcing that the company is retiring the “Like” box plugin starting from June 23.  The “Like” plugin is normally found in other websites outside Facebook. This plugin is used for social optimization such that it will get new users who like your website on Facebook as well. On top of that it is also very easy to use. You just need to install the plugin and add Facebook “Like Box” widget to the sidebar and set some setting such as Page ID, Facebook like box width, height, etc and you can use it readily.

Instead of using the widget, Facebook would like the developers of other websites to use new Page plugin as it gives visitors a preview of the page online so that they can know roughly whether they will like the page before they click on the page. The new Page plugin is richer in content and it looks like an embedded Twitter feed of Facebook posts. Therefore, it is cleaner, prettier and better than the previous “Like Box” widget.

To use the new Page plugin, you will also need the latest Graph API. Unfortunately, the older code relating to “Like Box” plugin and the previous version of “Graph API” has been removed as well.