Facebook has introduced a new photo sharing app Moments that enables smartphone users to share photos of an event privately with friends who are in those photos and also get photos of themselves from their friends’ mobiles easily.


Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and it has become easy to capture important moments of our lives on phone. In an event or a group outing, we see that everyone tries to capture the same group pics in their respective phones to have a copy for themselves otherwise they face the tedious task of contacting friends separately and take photos from them. And even if they do manage to get copies of some pics from friends, they find it difficult to organize these photos at one place in the phone. Now Facebook’s creative labs have come up with Moments, a standalone photo sharing app that makes all this easy and offers “A private way to share photos with friends.”

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Moments app offers a quick and easy way to share photos using facial recognition technology to find who is in which photo and then groups them accordingly. It then allows you to sync the photos with those friends privately. Similarly, you can get back your own photos from them. On top of it, these synced photos get organized making it easy to search through them for specific photos.

Initially, Facebook has launched the Moments app only in the US but has plans to roll it out in other countries soon. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be download from Google Play Store and iTunes respectively.

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