People who have been using Facebook for five years or more start getting overpowered by never-ending news feeds like photos, videos and status updates. Most people say majority of this content is not useful for them, but they don’t know how to stop getting it. Some people even start thinking of unfriending few people. Though unfriending some people is an option, but there a few ways to adjust the information appearing on the News Feed. This will prevent from hurting his ego or making him feel ditched. Following are the three ways to stop getting unnecessary information:Facebook 1

  1. Unfollowing instead of unfriending
    During college days, everyone likes to have many friends especially Facebook Friends. Many people like to have more 2000 thousand friends on Facebook. When student life ends and one gets busy in professional life, he finds it hard remembering many people on his friend’s list. The updates appearing on his newsfeed start becoming quite annoying. Too many friends problem is the most common type of Facebook fatigue. However, the solution to this problem is quite easy. There are many people who do not like to unfriend someone for a certain reason. Therefore, unfollowing them will solve the problem; this way their updates are not going to appear on your News Feed, and you will still remain friends. To do this, go to that friend’s profile page, and change “following” to “unfollow”.Facebook 2
  2. Custom friend lists
    Facebook friends consist of various types of people, for example, family, colleagues, college friends and more. Most people do not think about it before they post an update, but it’s true that not all Facebook posts are for everyone. Custom Friend Lists is a Facebook Feature which is probably the most undervalued or underused feature. It enables the user to choose who can and who cannot see his updates. Creating a friend list takes hardly a minute, but it can make the user’s experience wonderful. This is because his updates will be only visible to selected group of friends instead of all Facebook Friends. In addition to this, the user can adjust his News Feed so he gets to see updates from people on specific lists. This will make it a lot easier for the user because he will not have to see everyone’s updates. When a user writes his update, it is by default visible to all Facebook Friends. In order to change it to a specific list, he needs to click on “Friends” and select the specific number of people.Facebook 3
  3. Consolidating interests
    It takes roughly a few seconds for the user to like a brand page on Facebook; however, this single action can bring lots of content to his News Feed. Almost all interests on Facebook fall into some category which could technology or movies. Facebook allows the user to create a list that will gather information only on those topics. This is also an underused but helpful feature which can bring focused information to the News Feed. Just like Friends Lists, a user can group Facebook Pages into categories and view updates in one feed.facebook 4