Till date, we have heard quite a lot about the modular smartphone Project Ara from Google and now it would be surprising for you to know that even before the project that is expected to get official next year in 2015, it has now got a competitor working on a similar project like this. The name of the first competitor for the Project Ara is Vsenn.

The landing pages of the new company Vsenn shows the company to be founded by an ex Nokia X Product Manager. The plans for shows to be having a modular hardware but seems to offer some limited customizations compared to Project Ara. Vsenn would allow to have any design customizations but limits swapping of only three hardware modules that include the processor/RAM, battery and camera. Reports show that the hardware would be running pure Vanilla and would receive guaranteed updates for the next four years. However, there is no news to it whether Google Apps and Play services would be included or not. Vsenn is said to be focusing largely on the security with “triple layer encryption” and “free access to a VPN network and secure Cloud”.

There is no word yet when we would get to see the first glimpse of Vsenn hardware or what would be pricing like. Well, one thing is sure that the competition for Google for its new project is certainly onn.

source: Vsenn