There are many apps that you have heard and used for battery saving on your android smartphone. Another app has arrived in the market that promises to keep your Android device cool and saves your battery life.

EaseUS Coolphone is app that works for keeping working temperature low for the android smartphone as well as reduces energy consumption. Do you have heard any app that can keep your smartphone cool?

When your phone is getting temperature for multitasking or for any heavy game, this simple app can control the heat. Although MTK and Snapdragon chips promise to keep the device cool, it will generate heat on it.

Energy Efficiently & Keep Device Cool EaseUS Cool Phone App 1

For that reason, EaseUS Coolphone is a perfect app to simply the users experience and keeps the tasks in real time. Trust on the app and do not think how it will work. The manual input is not more efficient than an app’s work.

EaseUS Coolphone will always monitor those apps that your device is running. Moreover, it closes the background apps automatically as well as optimizes system settings to reduce the processor on the processor. “Smart Controller” feature of the app will always save storage and battery of your smartphone.

EaseUS Coolphone is an ad-free app that will always controls your smartphone and gives full energy and storage.