A new 4G mobile network with the fastest Wi-Fi connection named “Buzzard’ will be available soon in the market. Mobile network company EE claims to be the first company that is providing Wi-Fi connection in the car for 10 devices.

Pippa Dunn reported that EE’s new gadget gives better experience of using mobile hotspot for iPad, iPhone that provides enjoying video in the back side via iPad or iPad Mini. This 4G mobile network hotspot can easily be fitted in the cup holder and plug-in in the cigarette lighter switch.

By using this device, you can post on Facebook or Instagram whenever you want during traveling. This EE’s company has announced this new Wi-Fi gadget along with two mobile broadband devise and 4G android tablet.

EE’s 4G Powered Wi-Fi for 10 Devices in Car sample 2

EE’s 4G powered Wi-Fi device for car has achieved amazing market in UK while 3 million people in 2,588 claims it the fastest data service provide for Tablets and Smartphone in car.

This Wi-Fi device has achieved 3.6 million clients through the parts because of faster 4G network connection. Moreover, the users are getting good service with exceptional 4G experience. EE Company has achieved more consumers than its 3G device and it plans 66 per cent more data than previous version.

However, this EE’s 4G powered Wi-Fi device is the key factor to widen the 4G coverage areas to give better mobile data transfer.