china cybercrime

Accusations from China and America have been known to hit the headlines with both countries accusing each other of waging cyber spying. The latest report is from China penning down a report on massive data leaking to the Americans just a week since the later had a similar accusation.

America had first accused the China of accessing information from US companies. China has then gone a step further and release a report; America’s Global Surveillance Record, done by the China Academy of Cyber Space. The report claims the main targets of the attacks have been its leadership in government positions, research organizations and other big companies as well as he ordinary citizens. Those that have already been infiltrated are the likes of Huawei technologies, Tencent Holdings IM service and some government ministries like the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

There is a claim towards the US stating that they installed optical fiber bugs on the Chinese embassy in Australia back in 1990 when the building was erected.

The cyber-crime allegations have grown into Ping-Pong game by the two states as they hurl accusations at each other. America has once files criminal charges against its partner with a claim that they hacked into their servers and retrieved the nations trade secrets.

On the other hand, China are playing it safe by letting go of the powerful IBM servers manufactured from the US and are switching to other alternatives for their banking needs. Chinese local companies producing servers will benefit heavily from this move, as IBM will lose hugely from the China market.