Behold for the first ever smart earring! Yes, thanks to the initiative of the Canadian company, BioSensitive Technologies, fitness trackers might be just as fashionable as an ordinary jewelry in the coming days. The Ear-o-Smart is a subject of kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and if all goes well, the first earring fitness tracker will hit the market by June 2015.




This innovation was founded by the belief that wearable electronics should be unified with one’s lifestyle. It looks like an ordinary earring from outside perspective but it is able to record heart rate, calories and activity level. It is also able to provide live data once connected via Bluetooth 4.0 to iOS and Android smartphones.

The earring will primarily be shipped with a standard white design, but it will also be available in DIY kit, which would certainly make women want this wearable technology.


Right now the top fitness trackers are Garmin Vivosmart, Basis Peak, Microsoft Band, Moov, Jawbone Up24, TomTom Runner Cardio, Samsung Gear Fit, Jawbone Up Move and a lot more. All these have one thing in common, they all come in the shape of a band or watch. The competition is a little tight on top and Biosensitive Technologies certainly did find a way a shortcut to the top. Although it might be a struggle that the product targets women exclusively. Along with that, the running out of electronic materials that would fit into a small accessory is also a major difficulty.