Our iPhone and iPad are capable enough to produce a good quality of pictures. However, it is even better if we can take a DSLR photo quality from our iPhone or iPad. Now, it is possible by attaching DxO One to the lightning port of iPhone and iPad. DxO One is a pocket size camera that has its own lens and sensor to take DSLR quality of images. Your iPhone or iPad is used as its viewfinder as well as to control it.

DxO One body is made of aluminium with a 32-mm aspheric lens and variable six-blade iris with a 1-inch 20.2-MP CMOS BSI sensor. The iris can be adjusted from F/1.8 to F/11. The shutter speed varies from 15s t o1/8000s and the ISO ranging from 100 to 51200.

There are a few mode of shooting that you can choose from which includes full auto, full manual, 1080p/30fbps as well as 720p/120fbps video. Unfortunately, DxO One is able to do digital zoom up to 3x the original size. The device is running on internal lithium-ion battery which is capable to capture 200 photos for each charge.

DxO One has two types of storage, internal and external storage. The images can be stored in RAW format in the external storage which is using microSD card whereas JPEG format is stored in the internal storage and can be easily shared to the social media. On top of that, the pictures also can be captured in SuperRaw format which four RAW frames captured in quick succession and combined into one image in PC or Mac.

DxO One is expected to be released in September 2015 with priced at $599.

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