There is a lot of benefit for driverless car even though it seems like it is not safe as it is considered a new technology. One of the benefit is it will reduce the number of car accidents which is caused by tiredness or drunk-driving which is caused by human.  In USA alone, there are roughly 5.5 million crashes a year which costs estimated to about $450 billiion. However, when compared to other countries such as India, Thailand or Libya, it is considered the lowest.

Driverless car uses technology to control the behavior of the car. Currently a few companies such as Tesla or Google has already bringing the driverless car to real roads to do testing. In 2012, Google announced that the company has already completed 300,000 miles of perfect tests, across Western U.S and in all weather conditions with zero accident whereas when compared with human, there is approximately about 2 accidents every 300,000 miles. Tesla has also sending autonomous cars between San Fransisco and Seattle with zero accidents too.

According to Google X Chief Astro Teller, the driverless car technology has already matured. There is no mistakes which will teach them something new currently. For example, there was a time whereby the driverless car was on the road during one of its testing time, and then a duck was shooed across a pedestrian crossing by a woman in a wheelchair. The driverless car then stopped promptly in front of the duck without hurting the duck. This is definitely not something that a human driver can do.