SmartPlate is hardware in a form of a plate which analyzes whatever the food that is put on it.  It is invented by a Philadelphia-based startup Fitly and it is currently being crowd funded in Kickstarter. The goal is to collect a funding of $100,000 before it is released to the market. You can pledge a piece for $149 whereas the retail price will be $229. If everything is going as per plan, it will start shipping in summer 2016.

The device comes with three digital cameras and image recognition technology which is able to identify the object which is placed on top of it. Furthermore, it transmits data to the corresponding apps installed in the Android OS or iOS. The data is transmitted by using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The difference of this product with the available apps in the market today such as MyFitnessPal is that this product collects the data automatically and accurately too. For example, when an apple is placed on top of SmartPlate, the details were shown on the apps almost automatically, including the weight and the ingredients inside the apple. It is displayed that the apple weighs 7.16oz, 21 grams of sugar, 106 calories and 28 carbs. Therefore, as a comparison, somebody weighs an apple on a weighing machine separately and it is shown as 7.2 oz.

The SmartPlate is coming with a variety of colors such as purple, fuschia and teal.