When the first iPhone was unveiled, people were very confused as to how a phone can be used with just one button in the front. How can everything be done with the touch screen alone? Even though most users have gotten used to the touch screen interface, some people still don’t like using the buttonless interface that most modern phones now have. Some people still want to be able to use their phones with some physical buttons. This might sound a little weird but you do need physical buttons for some things. Video game controllers and stick-on joysticks for tablets are proof of that.

Dimple Brings Tactile Buttons To Android Devices - 1 - Doi Toshin

Dimple is the name of a smart product which recently smashing its Indiegogo funding target in just a few days. It is basically a row of buttons that you can stick to your Android device and use them as physical buttons for almost anything you want. These buttons can be pasted on the back of your device or even on the cover of the device. They work through NFC technology, and talk to the Dimple app on your device. You can assign different functions to different buttons using the Dimple app.

Dimple Brings Tactile Buttons To Android Devices - 2 - Doi Toshin

From the video it seems that Dimple is pretty easy to use, and easy to configure as well. Its a great product if you think about it. It needs no batteries, and you can use more than one Dimple sticker at a time.

Dimple Brings Tactile Buttons To Android Devices - 3 - Doi Toshin

The campaign to collect funds for the product was really successful and if thats any indication, Dimple is in demand right now. The $25 option has been sold-out but you can still get one for $27.

Dimple Brings Tactile Buttons To Android Devices - 5 -- Doi Toshin

Check out the video below, and if your interested than support the project. Requirements for Dimple are that the Android device should be running Android 4.0 ICS or higher. It should have NFC, and it should not have a metal body like the HTC One M7, M8 etc.