The fart-tracking device official name is “CH4” which is also a chemical compound methane which is normally found in natural gas. The device is currently being crowdfunded in Kickstarter with a goal of $180,000. You can pledge a piece for $120. This unique device is developed by Brazilian user interface designer and wearable enthusiast Rodrigo Narciso by using a 3D printer. The device is his Master’s thesis for NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program. There are divided response for this product. Some will like it while some will not like it.

To use the device, you can place it at the back pocket of your pants or your belt and each time you fart, it will record the gas similar to the way that the car gauge works. Thus by using a dedicated app, you need to enter your food intake and the device will let you know what are the food that makes you extra gassy so that you do not have to consume the food.

Therefore, why do we fart? It is because when we consume our food, there is also a small amount of air that we take in. The food then will be broken into a certain gas in digestion process. The odor which produce during farting is caused by methane and hydrogen sulfide. Bacteria also can be another possible reason on why we fart.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney diseases, it is reported that vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and sodas can make you extra gassy. The delivery can be expected in March 2016.