Leaked documents from the Chinese site cnbeta.com indicate that Sony has developed a new APCS (Active Pixel Color Sampling) Sensor, which is the first such sensor in the world that is able to capture the complete color spectrum information in a single pixel. This is a 1.5-inch sensor and Sony is likely to introduce it in the beginning of 2015 in some video camera, may be in Sony’s next flagship device.

Camera technology has developed at a fast pace in the past few years and Sony had always been ahead in it. At present Sony is using 20.7MP Exmor RS sensor in its flagship smartphones. However, cnbeta.com has now published images of documents giving detailed diagrams and specs of the new APCS sensor developed by Sony.

In the APCS or Active Pixel Color Sampling Sensor, each pixel sensor senses the three colors – Red, Green and Blue with its moving electronic color filter resulting in higher frame rates, greater color range and enhanced light sensitivity, but low battery usage.

The leaked documents show the details of 1.5-inch sized 4.8MP sensor that can record 2K videos at 16,000 fps (frames per second). 4K resolution video can be recorded at just 240 fps. Since each pixel records the full color spectrum, the sensor can take a color HDR (High dynamic range) image with every shot and the processor won’t have to interpret individual colors.

1. Following is the datasheet of Sony IMX189AEG 1.5-inch 4.85MP image sensor featuring APCS posted by cnbeta.com. This stacked sensor has rectangular 9.78um x 4.89um pixels and electronic global shutter. This is the world’s first High speed and high sensitivity CMOS image sensor with APCS.

Sony IMX189AEG

2. cnbeta.com has posted another stacked sensor 1MP IMX197HSK with 9.78um unit pixel with electronic global shutter.


3. Structure 1: This figure shows a horizontally moving color filter at the top of the sensor. There are three different exposures for each of the three colors-Red, Green and Blue (RGB), giving a color HDR image instead of a dynamic range HDR one.

structure1- Sony APCS Sensor

4. Structure 2: Shows the circuit diagram of the IMX189AEG Sensor.

structure2- Sony APCS Sensor

5. The following figure shows the Dynamic Range Photosensibility Graph. Native ISO of the sensor is 5120 and its dynamic rangeat that setting is 127.69DB which is pretty impressive.

structure3-Sony APCS Sensor


Source Sony Alpha Rumors

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