If you are thinking to have similar design to Motorola’s Moto 360 Android Wear of HTC, you should change your point of view. Just today, Evleaks has posted some of the pictures of HTC First Android Wear Smartwatch that looks different from the Moto 360 smartwatch too.

However, HTC First Android Wear Smartwatch looks like LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live while the hardware is very trusted to work. On the other hand, these three smartwatch are now available in the market that is recently launched. HTC is providing you the metal wristband smartwatch at the same time the normal smartwatch some with Plastic or rubber bands like Samsung and LG has.

Is it the Design of HTC First Android Wear Smartwatch

However, there is no specification news of the HTC Android Wear smartwatch while the users are waiting for the smartwatch. However, the rumor of HTC has provided news that the brand will soon provide some wearable devices within the year. However, the device can be cost around $200 to the users that is regarded as the standard cost for Android Wear. Just be with us and hopefully, HTC will soon announce about the device globally.