Recently a report published last week shows that a new Android One handset is going to be unveiled in India later this month on the 17th of July. Indian handset manufacturer Lava International, is said to be producing a model that will be priced for a $189USD. Unlike the first Android One handsets that were aimed to cater to the beginner class in the smartphone using segment, this time the version 2.0 of Android One handsets will cater to those who are already familiar with the use of smartphones.

For the first version Micromax, Spice and Karbonn each of them released their own Android One handset for a price of $99USD. However, in the version 2.0 of Android One, Lava is said to have a major say over the hardware and the software of the device. The buzz says that Google has improved the specs of its Android One handsets over the previous ones wherein the apps and services wil be developed by Lava International.

The new Android One handset from Lava is likely to have a 5-inch screen with a MediaTek chipset under the hood and a 2GB of RAM memory on-board. This new handset would also be available in physical stores in addition to online stores. Google is said to have spent a whopping $10-$15 million to market this device as the new Android One handset will be positioned as an affordable Nexus.

source: EconomicTimes