Dealsmega deals
Multibillion deals have been signed between Samsung and Apple, and also between Samsung and LG. The deals are about supplying next generation RAM modules from Samsung to Apple and LG for their new flagship mobile phones, probably, Apple iPhone 6S (iPhone 7) and LG G4. This is what Korean media has disclosed recently; however, it is not exactly mentioned what type of RAM (random access memory) Samsung will be supplying to the other two tech giants.

Samsung’s actions
Short while ago, Samsung made an announcement that the production of next generation DDR4 RAM and DDR3 RAM (“stackable” 3GB RAM/32 GB storage combo) has been started; both are made with 20nm process. There is a high chance that the deals are about DDR4. It is quite hard that Apple will accept anything less than that for the upcoming iPhone 7. On the other hand, LG has already released the G Flex 2 which is the first mobile phone with DDR4 RAM. Therefore, it is next to impossible that G4 is not going to have DDR4 RAM.

Industry reports
A source from the industry revealed that for LG G4 smartphone, LG Electronics will get 100% mobile DRAM chips from Samsung under this agreement. In the month of April, LG will unveil the G4 smartphone. Samsung is also going to provide the 50% amount Apple requires for its new iPhone that might be called iPhone 6S.

DDR4 is better
The question arises why DDR4 is a better choice for these two smartphones than DDR3. The advantages of DDR4 are many; it has double density; it has better I/O performance for starters; Samsung is willing to manufacture it with frugal 20nm production method. In short, everything about it is great. Moreover, the reports confirm that Samsung is going to supply more than 70% of Apple’s new A9 chipset which is reserved for the iPhone 7. Therefore, Samsung’s chip business will surely flourish.