For Android Smartphone, it is very easy to monitor your data usage as there are pretty reliable data monitoring tools built-in or there are many apps that you can download and install to perform this task. In this entry, we are going to use Data Status by Flavour Monkey Apps.

Data Status uses timely data usage information inside a convenient meter in your device’s status bar. Therefore, it is easy to use. To use this apps, you just need to install it, start it and tap the monthly allowance button where you can key in your data cap information. After that, enter the start date of the monthly billing cycle. From this information that you entered, the apps can learn your data plan and when it should automatically reset your data counter. On top of that you also can enter the data amount that you have used up so that it can be more accurate.

The remaining data for the billing period then will be shown from a small meter to the left of your status bar. You can also pull down the notifications drawer and find out more information like how much data you have used up and how much remains.

Data Status can be downloaded for free from Android.

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