Well, Android fans must surely be knowing about CyanogenMod. However, giving a brief introduction about it, we would like you to know that as Android is an open source and is used to build myriad custom ROMS, Nokia X and Amazon’s FireOS, CyanogenMod is one such custom ROM and is much popular in the entire Android community. Recently, Cyanogen went out to become a real company and teamed with Chinese handset maker Oppo launching its first hardware Oppo Find 7.

Now a recent report coming from The Information says that Google had put forward an offer to purchase Cyanogen Inc and the latter refused to agree to the buyout. However, it is still unclear why the Mountain View based search giant found an interest in the company. May be probably Google could foresee it as a potential competitor in the near future. Or it might be even possible that Google teaming up with Cyanogen might want to strengthen its Android base or even might want to separately run a division just like it did with Motorola. There are many speculations put behind this, however no word from the company has yet arrived on this.

However, whatever Google might have thought off during the offer, Cyanogen Inc didn’t seem to be falling in it and has refused the offer. Cyanogen Inc is currently looking to generate an investment of one billion dollars with its Series C round of funding. Not it might also have happened that Google would have quoted a lesser price that desired by Cyanogen Inc.