Now a day, purchasing online has become easier with the iOS 8 of Google Wallet because you can easily scan credit cards using the camera in iOS 8 of Apple. Moreover, the Apple has brought this feature in order to have easy purchasing system for gaming apps and premium apps.

In this case, the iPhone users with iOS 8 can only use this feature of credit cards scan with camera very easily. But, there are also some restrictions for the users using this feature for scanning too!

Credit Cards Scan With Camera in iOS 8 2

However, the users are currently needed to use the Safari and use the credit card scan with camera data later when you want. In this case, the data will be save to your phone and fill up the information when you will select the option at the time of requiring punch in your credit card info.

Moreover, the users will get the main feature soon because the developers are seeding the feature in order to bring this feature worldwide users.