Along with its high intellectual abilities even, windows phone’s voice auxiliary, cortana, is nothing greater than a lot of animation talking to you. A project by Indiegogo – named Nanabot – offers something different than Cortana. By joining the excellence of WowWee’s robo toys with technical abilities of Lumia phone by Nokia, the inventor Robert Oschler made the combination so unique which is quite fascinating. The robot does not have any control by itself and the Cortana doesn’t have a body, so Oschler planned a mixture which is yet to be invented but it has been named Nanabot already. The question that arises is that although it is a great idea, the name of the project is good but what it will do and how it will work?


Oschler planned a Windows mobile app along with codebase which will be formed similar to the voice recognition system of the Cortana and he also devised Smartphone-powered robot system named RoboME. The application portion would run on Lumia that would be attached to WowWee robot. For the robo, it will allow plenty of tricks to be accessible at a time. Some specialty of the nanabot would be that it will have the ability to play unique games with you. Your room would be guarded by it, it would ask questions to the people who are they and when they got in. It would be able to remember DVDs and books that you will show her, it would be able to identify even your cat’s face and so many other fun features it will have.

If Oschler achieves the amount of funds he requires to complete his goal, then he thinks of launching open-source toolkit which will make it easy for developers to produce RoboME applications. It will help in buying and playing easily with RoboMe robot and a windows mobile phone. By using Oschler’s toolkit, a developer will be able to control RoboMe’s actions, infrared object sensors, core LED and auditory entry. It would be quite interesting that what this Nanabot will become in future how far it will go. Still the responsive robots which will be moving around us are really far to come in future.