Cortana can be used to control home lighting.

The software like apple ‘Siri’ and ‘Google now’ has already made a good image in the eyes of its customers. The outstanding voice command features provided by these applications intrigued many people. Now, Microsoft has entered the league with its revolutionary new product called Cortana. Albeit, new in the league, some out of the box features like notebook are a treat for the customers. The service can keep a track of your preferences and your habits too.

However, it does not end here; the hackers at are trying best to add some extraordinary features to the app. If successful, Cortana will be able to control the lights in your home. 

Now turning on and off your lights will be just at a distance of your voice command; scientists made a successful attempt to use the’s backend for devices connected to the internet to turn on and off the lamps.

You can imagine myriads of other amazing uses of this application, such as adjusting the lightings at your house according to parties or movie nights. Adjusting the room temperature is one of the ways to use this application too. 

A lot of companies will be waiting to use this amazing app and come out with some great ideas; but if you are impatient and have an itch to try this now, you can chose to buy a Bluetooth module and a netduino.