Corning’s invention
Not long ago, Corning invented the antimicrobial cover glass; it is something that made many people curious. The good news is that the glass is mature enough for the production. In a joint press release, it was announced that ZTE Axon will be the first phone to have it.germ 1

Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass
This is a moment of rejoice for germophobes. They must be happy to know that Corning is now incorporating antimicrobial tech in the Gorilla Glass franchise. The glass is suppose to kill viruses and germs stuck on one’s phone screen. When another person uses your cell phone, germs get transferred and they stick to the screen. During various experiments, it was observed that many small insects which can stick to the screen and cannot be seen with naked eyes were killed within half an hour. In the case of normal displays, they stay there and spread infection. In addition to this, all viruses and bacteria were killed after two hours.

Joint press release
In the joint press release, CTO of ZTE Mobile devices said, “We are delighted to work with Corning to offer the first smartphone with Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass,”. The VP of Corning’s Special Surfaces program said, “With the rise of touch technology and our constant interaction with people and public surfaces, the microbes on our smartphones are not our own. We developed Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass to address this concern, and are excited to see this technology enter the consumer electronics space with the launch of the ZTE AXON.”