Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor powers a lot of our current smartphones. The company’s new Snapdragon 810 processor is set to enter most of the flagship Android smartphones and tablets in the coming year 2015, replacing the existing Snapdragon 801 and 805.

Qualcomm recently demoed some of the new features of Snapdragon 810 that will be seen in upcoming new devices. The 64-bit Snapdragon 810 is touted by the company to be the “ultimate connected computing processor” with modern capabilities. It has several new features and improved performances compared to earlier Snapdragon processors such as high resolution displays, 4K Ultra HD video streaming, advanced Wi-Fi connectivity, clear sound, online 3D gaming, high quality digital pics and improved battery life.

Let us check out some of the cool features of Snapdragon 810:

1. 4K Ultra HD support

It helps in capturing, playing back and streaming top-quality 4K multi-media content on the device screen or an Ultra HD monitor.



2. Dolby Atmos technology

This technology uses special sound-enhancing techniques to attain rich and deep spacial characteristics and offer an immersive audio experience.



3. Computational optical zoom

Qualcomm uses Corephotonics’ LTD Dual Camera solution in Snapdragon 810 that combines its proprietary tele lens and a standard wide lens to allow 5x optical zoom in videos and 3x optical zoom in stills. Here, two camera images are combined into one better quality picture using image fusion technology of Corephotonics.


4. Noise cancellation and directional recording 

The Snapdragon 810 features a low-power, high performance noise cancellation technology wherein voice signals are isolated using the multi-microphone setup of Qualcomm. During a video recording, configurable listening zones enable users to capture only the audio that they want.


5. SafeSwitch technology

The Snapdragon 810 has been equipped with Qualcomm’s SafeSwitch technology. It protects the mobile device against its theft and data theft. It also allows users to lock/unlock their devices and its hardware verifies the input commands.



6. Sense Audio music detection with Shazam app

It has a Sense Audio engine that can detect unique environmental elements and deliver curated aural experience fitting the context. The Shazam music recognition app in it can be launched with a single tap on the button and allows user to discover, listen, purchase and share music.


7. Advanced Wi-Fi connectivity

The Snapdragon 810 has VIVE 11ac and 11ad technology offering high bandwidth and low latency connectivity. Its wireless docking facility allows users to remotely check emails and edit documents over the Internet. The chip’s modem allows file transfers at more than 4Gbit/s, even bigger files having 4K ultra high resolution content.


Via PhoneArena